The Wine Fairs agenda

wine fair agenda



It’s back to school time, and like every year, it’s wine fair season! here is the wine fair agenda This year, 2015, many retailers have once again decided to take part in this major event, which attracts wine lovers from all over France!

The Foire aux Vins gives you the opportunity to discover a large number of châteaux and estates from all over France at very affordable prices. Whether you like to enjoy a Burgundy or prefer the wines of the Bordeaux region, the Foire aux Vins is sure to have a bottle to suit your corkscrew!
Here’s a Wine Fair calendar, by brand and site:

wine fair agenda

Wineandco: August 25 to October 4
Grands Vins Privés: August 31 to September 13
Lavinia: September 1 to September 28 September 1 to September 31
Vinatis: September 1 to October 5 September 2 to October 11
Lidl: September 2 to September 5
Repaire de Bacchus: September 3 to October 8
Casino: September 4 to September 20
Millé September 8 to September 28
Géant: September 8 to September 20
Dia: September 8 to September 20
Intermarché: September 8 to September 20
iDealwine: September 8 to September 28
Carrefour: September 8 to September 21
CDiscount: September 9 to September 28
Monoprix: September 9 to September 28
Nicolas: September 9 to October 6
Leader Price: September 9 to September 19
Chateaunet: September 10 to October 3
Auchan: September 22 to October 6


Throughout this Wine Fairs period, Wikeeps is supporting numerous wine merchants across the country with its systems for storing and serving wine by the glass. The Coffrets Essentiel and Grandioso allow a bottle to be enjoyed for up to 30 days after opening, thanks to the addition of argon gas (a natural, odorless neutral gas) to the bottle. This is THE solution for practical, easy and economical tastings.

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