Technology at the service of wine



Associating wine and technology at the service of wine may seem contradictory: in the collective unconscious, wine is an environment where respect for know-how and traditions are the norm. The reality is obviously different, new technologies have invested the viticultural environment for quite some time now, during all the stages of wine creation.

In the vineyard, the introduction of the latest technologies takes the form of drones that fly over the plots, in particular to check that they have received their dose of anti-oidium or anti-mildew treatment. In some areas, the vines are even monitored by satellites! Indeed, thanks to this technology, the vigor of the vines can be controlled.

Once in the cellar, other technologies are put at the service of the wine. First, just after the harvest, when sorting the grapes, cameras can be used to automatically select the best berries. During the aging of the wine, sensors are now used in the vats to measure the oxygen supply in the vats.

Wikeeps innovations

These are just a few examples of what new technologies can bring to the world of wine. Their purpose is to optimize the quality of the wine. But what about wine tasting? Wikeeps looked into this and therefore created  technology at the service of wine and wine preservation and serving systems so that all wine lovers can enjoy a good bottle for 20 days.

How it works ? The Essential box is installed directly in place of the cork and allows the introduction of argon, a neutral heavy gas, into the bottle, which will allow the wine to deteriorate much more slowly. If you also want to store wine at the right temperature, the Wibox refrigeration system compatible with the Essential box ensures the proper storage of your wines.

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