Wikeeps® preserve your wines , Like Coravin® !

How to keep your wine fresh many weeks


Argon capsule

Coravin® and Wikeeps® represent groundbreaking patented innovations

Coravin® employs a method where it doesn’t remove the cork, but rather pierces it with a fine needle. The bottle is then pressurized using Argon gas capsules to extract the wine. The advantage of this approach lies in its application for wine agents who often travel between clients, as they can pour the wine without having to uncork the bottle, making it a highly convenient tool for transport. This also minimizes losses and prevents the rapid preserve your wines.

The factors of service, temperature, and preservation are crucial to a wine’s tasting experience and overall appreciation. Each system caters to specific moments of consumption, appealing to different users based on its unique features.

However, the system’s drawback is the slow wine flow, which is not ideal during the quick service often needed in restaurants. Nevertheless, this doesn’t pose much of an issue during a professional tasting and preserve your wines.

Coravin® offers needles of varying diameters to increase the wine’s flow, but there’s a potential risk. The enlarging hole in the cork may not fully prevent air exchanges with the outside environment, making the wine more susceptible to oxidation

A longer conservation used by restaurants to propose more wine by-the-glass without losses

If this process has the merit of allowing a longer conservation of the unopened bottle, the professionals of the CHR have preferred the Wikeeps® systems.

It simply makes it possible to put forward an offer of wine by the glass while ensuring a conservation of up to 4  weeks in optimal conditions (especially temperature).

And this is the whole difference of the Wikeeps system on the Coravin®: Wikeeps® combines Service and Conservation without having to handle the bottle.

Pressing the trigger automatically releases the wine (also by means of gas capsules which this time are Argon + Co2) from the spout and allows a 12cl glass to be served in a few seconds as the flow is high.

wine preservation system

wikeeps wine preservation system

Discover innovation of Wikeeps


Thus, the restaurant bottle highlighted on the menu of the day can be housed in a countertop wine cellar with a temperature-controlled counter. As this is adjustable, one is then able to serve precisely reds at 14 ° C and whites at 11 ° C in a unique way…
Which is almost impossible when working with a classic cellar or an ice bucket !


Like Coravin®, Wikeeps® preserves your wine!preserve your wines

Like Coravin®, Wikeeps® preserves your wine!


Each system has its own tasting use: Coravin® for wine agents and Wikeeps® for cellars and restaurants.
Coravin like Wikeeps allow two different times of consumption.

Have a Good tasting !