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Why a wine preserver system ?

After all, it’s a fairly common situation: once the bottle has been opened, it’s considered safe to drink. But there are a few cases where a wine preserver system makes sense.

Wine preserver extends wine shelf life

Just imagine, it’s the end of the evening, the guests have left in good spirits; in short, everything has gone well. But as you return to the kitchen, you realize a rather banal situation: you still have an unfinished bottle of very good wine that you opened shortly before the guests left. It’s half full. You briefly say to yourself that you could finish it, but that wouldn’t be serious.

And then the question of how to store open wine comes up! How long can I keep my bottle open?

Wine preservation methods for open wine

Keeping wine open is a major concern for preserving its qualities and taste. When a bottle is opened, it is exposed to oxygen, which can alter its aroma and flavor over time. However, there are methods and tools available to extend the shelf life of a bottle of wine once it has been opened.

Vacuum and refrigeration plugs

Vacuum corks are very useful for eliminating excess oxygen in the bottle and keeping the wine fresh for a few extra days. Refrigerating open wine can also contribute to its preservation, particularly for white and rosé wines.

Bouchons à vide d'air et réfrigération

Tips for maximizing shelf life

It’s important to note that each wine has its own storage characteristics, and the length of time you can keep an opened bottle can vary. In general, red wines have a longer shelf life than white or sparkling wines.


For you, Wikeeps investigates the wine preserver

For a long time, the only solution for keeping wine open was to use the refrigerator, which would keep it for no more than 2 or 3 days.
But technological progress has improved wine preservation.

The first air pumps for wine bottles were introduced, extending the shelf life of wine by 1 or 2 days.
But this is obviously not enough, especially for professionals (both in the wine industry and in the restaurant trade), who need to be able to guarantee that the wine they offer on their wine lists and served by the glass will keep for several weeks.


Mini cave a vin

Wikeeps, the solution to storage and wine preserver.

The Wikeeps wine-by-the-glass preservation and service systems (Coffrets Essentiel and Grandioso) preserve a bottle from deterioration for up to 30 days after opening.
The system developed (for which a French patent has been filed!) adds Argon and CO2, neutral natural gases with innervating power, to the bottle.

The uniqueness of the Wikeeps system is that, once installed on an open bottle of wine, it enables the wine to be served in a single action (thanks to the trigger-operated dispensing gun), accelerates aeration (Bernouilli principle applied to the serving spout) and protects the wine by depositing a thin layer of protective gas on the surface of the wine remaining in the bottle (heavier than ambient air).


Conservation du vin_Wikeeps

Wikeeps: the ideal solution for wine by the glass in restaurants

Add to these functions the fact that the Wikeeps system is the only tool on the market:

  • Capable of filtering wine extracted from the bottle
  • Offers rapid service and does not slow down the sommelier’s work.

All these advantages make Wikeeps the preferred tool of catering professionals, as well as winemakers who offer tastings in their cellars.
Thanks to such a long shelf-life, these players in the wine industry are able to avoid losses linked to the poor conservation of opened wine, and better manage their stocks and maximize their profits.



Wikeeps (Wibox) refrigeration systems also keep open bottles at the ideal temperature. That makes another extra asset to extend your wine life .