Heatwaves: adopt a wine cooler for your wines!


How to store your wine when it’s hot?

We have all had the problem of keeping our bottles in good condition during the heat wave. Since this is a sensitive subject and many people don’t know how to deal with it, we offer you a few tips to keep your wines intact, even in very hot weather.

Wine cooler : the best solution to keep wine at perfect temperature

First of all, it is important to know that a wine, whatever its color, must be kept between 8 and 18 degrees Celsius. The first advice is to avoid the refrigerator, even if it is tempting to put your white wine in it to consume it fresh, the temperature of your refrigerator is too low to preserve all the qualities of the wine.

To do it right, you should avoid the kitchen, the hot spot of the house where there are hotplates, the oven and where human activity is often high.
Another great enemy of great wine is sunlight, which will degrade the tannins of the wine and accelerate its oxidation and aging.
The most important thing is to keep your bottles in a quiet room, cool enough and where the temperature variations during the year will be very low or even null.
Finally, don’t forget that the older a wine is, the more sensitive it will be to high temperatures, so be sure to protect your best vintages.

systeme conservation du vin wikeeps

Wikeeps to preserve your wines:

Wikeeps has designed a whole range of products to pamper your best wines.
The basic system that has made the reputation of Wikeeps will allow you to preserve the organoleptic qualities of the wine and keep it for up to 30 days after opening the bottle.
The performance is possible thanks to gas capsules containing a gas mixture of Argon and CO2 that will take the place of the wine in the bottle at each service.
But what interests us most here is the wine cooler called Wibox, the refrigerated cellar from Wikeeps that will be your best friends in hot weather. More efficient than a simple wine fridge, they can store 2 , 4 , 6 or 8 bottles and will keep them at the ideal tasting temperature while offering a direct view on the labels.
The wibox allows you to control the temperature between 5 and 18° even with an ambient temperature of 30 degrees.

The model 6 & 8 can have a bi-temperatur settings and welcome Champagne and Magnum formats.

The complete offer is the answer to the 3 compulsory parameters to get an optimal tasting:

1) the preservation of the qualities of the wine without oxidation,
2) the maintenance of the optimal temperature of tasting
3) and an elegant and vertical service in the glass without getting the sediment present in the bottom of an old vintage...

Thus, Wikeeps suits all usage, from Wine lovers to professionnal from HoreCa and wineyards.

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