Food and wine pairing: chocolate



To continue on the food and wine pairing series, today we are going to address a subject that we had only briefly mentioned: wine and chocolate. Two foods with virtues so beneficial for morale, why deprive yourself of them?! But in moderation of course. Let’s take a look at the mistakes not to make and some tips to take full advantage of this marriage of flavors.


Accord mets et vins : le chocolat   wine and food pairing


First, it is not recommended to serve a glass of sweet wine with chocolate. You’d think the two could be a perfect food and wine pairing, but the result is usually disappointing: too heavy, too sweet. The dessert, which plays the role of the final touch of a meal, can be completely ruined.

It is good to know that the cocoa bean is full of tannins, so it may be better to serve a red wine to accompany chocolate. The bitterness of dark chocolate can also recall certain aromas of red wine.
So the darker the chocolate, the more interesting it is to serve a red wine rich in tannin, such as a Châteauneuf-du-Pape or a Bandol for example. If you are serving a fruit and chocolate based dessert, go for a fruity and spicy red wine like those from Languedoc.


If you’re not a fan of dark chocolate and prefer milk chocolate, a white or sparkling wine (champagne can be a little too acidic, beware) will be the best food and wine pairing possible.

To fully experience this food and wine pairing, we recommend that you combine the two in the mouth, in small quantities, in order to obtain a balance of flavors. The wine must then make it possible to enhance the taste of the chocolate. On the other hand, chocolate ice cream does not go well with wine. It is better to have a coffee or a spirit in these cases.

Thanks to the Wikeeps preservation and serving system, the wines that will accompany your food and wine pairing will always reveal their aromas, up to 20 days after opening the bottle.
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