Crowdfund the new Wikeeps wine fridge!


History of Wikeeps

Wikeeps was born in the vineyards of Langon, not far from Bordeaux and Château Smith Haut-Lafitte, one of its first customers.

This innovative, patented solution preserves a bottle of wine for up to 4 weeks after opening, while preserving its aromatic palette and organoleptic qualities. This object of table art has become an essential ally for the most discerning wine lovers.

Since its inception, Wikeeps has offered a complete range of equipment for private individuals and professionals in the restaurant and hotel trade. This solution has been adopted by professionals, enabling them to expand their range of by-the-glass wine tastings, while ensuring quality of service and cost control.

Wikeeps has revolutionized the wine experience. Wikeeps is the essential ally for tasting and discovering wine with friends. With Wikeeps, anything is imaginable, from opening a bottle one-on-one to opening several bottles in the course of a single evening, without fear of not finishing them. This new way of drinking adapts to all tastes, and stands out for the elegance of its service, worthy of professionals.


Temperature control of wine using a wine cooler quickly became a necessity

Wibox was born in 2015. Initially available in 6- and 4-bottle versions, it proved popular with the general public, giving rise in late 2015 to its personal two-bottle version.
Compact, elegant and affordable, the Wikeeps + Wibox package was about to win over the public.


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Today, we’re writing a new page with a new Wine Fridge!

Wikeeps wants the widest possible public to benefit from its professional offer, and has opened a crowdfunding campaign to continue the development of its new product. Find out more on the KISS KISS Bank Bank website.
We have chosen the crowdfunding solution (participative financing) so that everyone can take part in this daring adventure, be a player in the project… and receive advantageous rewards!


The fundraising target is €8,000

It’s possible to subscribe at different levels, from €10 up to €1,000.
We’re counting on you to support us and participate in 3 steps:
– subscribe a free amount if you like the project and Wikeeps!
– leave an encouraging review of the project
– share the link with your friends and family
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