Olive Oil conservation !


Not only wine but olive oil conservation as well exists !

Dis you hear Olive oil conservation ? …
Wikeeps has long been interested in the service and preservation of liquids other than wine which undergo the phenomenon of oxidation.
Like all food products that do not contain preservatives, olive oil is sensitive to oxidation. Oxidation is generally the result of 3 parameters: light, heat and contact with air.

Thus, it is necessary to take some precautions in order to limit these oxidation factors: the bottles are generally made of tinted glass and it is recommended to put them under cover, to keep them in a cool atmosphere.
For air, it gets more complicated. If we advise to systematically recap the bottle, to use a spout for olive oil to minimize exposure to air, to favor small containers (so that there is less possible oxygen in the bottle) the oil will still be exposed to oxidation.

Based on this observation, Wikeeps, who participated in the Wine Tasting organized by SO2 at the ST James Albany Rivoli hotel, also equipped an excellent Portuguese olive oil – Quinta do Tedo produced by Vincent Bouchard.
The principle has made it possible to demonstrate that Wikeeps – Essential Kit also allows the service with simplicity and elegance of a good extra virgin olive oil.

The simple fact of no longer having to turn the bottle allows you to better dose the drop of oil that flavors the country bread offered for tasting. By applying the same principle to oil as to wine, namely the injection of a neutral, natural and inert gas that creates a protective layer on the surface of the oil in the bottle, Wikeeps has thus favored the conservation of all the taste qualities of the oil by avoiding its contact with the air.


This conclusive experience confirms the existence of new markets for Wikeeps, which declares that it is already in contact with chains of stores specializing in the resale of Olive oil and which have as their criticality the oxidation of their oils during tasting, the obligation to renew them frequently and therefore the waste that follows.
Best of Olive Oil, anytime?