Wine Sayings-Christmas gift


With Christmas just around the corner, wine and all the accessories that go with it are back in the spotlight, as they are every year.A customer told us yesterday – like Master Yoda – and rightly so: “a Wikeeps under the tree, the longer you’ll keep your wine!

While it’s true that Wikeeps is a favorite gift for wine lovers who prefer quality to quantity, or who only drink one or two glasses a night, or who travel a lot, etc., we thought it would be a good idea to include some of the most beautiful wine quotes here, just for fun of course!

Vin rouge

“It’s penicillin that cures men, but it’s good wine that makes them happy” – A. Fleming
“Good wine makes good food!” – Jean Carmet
“I’ve never drunk wine at Outrance, I don’t even know where it is” – P. Desproges
“Wine is a social lubricant” – Jean Clavel
“The wine from here is better than the water from there” – P. Desproges
Wine is innocent, only the drunkard is guilty” – P. Desproges
“When JESUS changed water into wine, I’m surprised that 12 guys followed him everywhere…” – Coluche

After that, put a Wikeeps under the Christmas tree. With the Essential Kit or Prestige 2-bottle Box, you’ll be able to enjoy your wine in moderation and keep it perfectly for several days, just like in a restaurant!
For those who want to add an ideal serving temperature, the Wibox 2 is the perfect device to slide onto the kitchen counter.
Happy Holidays!