Appreciating and storing a bottle of wine


How to store a bottle of wine

There’s a growing trend among wine lovers to favor quality over quantity. So how do you store a bottle of wine?

Buy a really good bottle of wine and enjoy it without worrying about its shelf life. The Wikeeps glass serving system is a faithful ally in this new trend, offering optimum conservation of open bottles of wine.



Le service avec Wikeeps

Wikeeps is a unique system for preserving and serving wine by the glass. It meets all the requirements of wine-tasting moments:

  • Wine preservation: it preserves wine for up to 20 days after opening, thanks to an oenological argon gas that prevents oxidation and alteration of the wine.
  • Serving wine by the glass: the Wikeeps system is also the best solution for serving wine by the glass. It offers an elegant vertical service and adapts to all bottle sizes. Wikeeps offers its service systems for a range of bottles from 0.50 liters to 18 liters!

Wikeeps, a gift for every occasion

Wikeeps is an original gift that will please any wine lover. Its ease of use, professional quality wine storage and wine-by-the-glass service will quickly make your gift a must-have.

Don’t wait until the last moment to buy a gift for the festive season, order now.

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