Wikeeps: an Argon gas capsule to preserve wine

The perfect gas mix developed by Linde

Did you know that oenological gas was used in the cellars to inert the wine barrels after vinification ?

The usefulness of these natural gases is to avoid the oxidation of wines during the various stages and before bottling. The Wikeeps gas capsule was also invented while visiting cellars.

We had the idea of ​​developing a system that no longer interfers the wine at rest but the wine being tasted and therefore injects inert gas into the bottle during service. Like a siphon that allows you to serve seltzer water, we have combined the light pressurization in order to facilitate the service while depositing this tiny layer of gas on the surface of the liquid which thus protects it from the oxidation of the liquid air at the opening of the bottle and the first service.
The concept was born.


Wikeeps would revolutionize the service of wine by the glass while offering the possibility of keeping an open bottle for up to 4 weeks…

Last but not least was to develop the Gas capsule.
Expert business entrusted to experts!
We therefore called on the world’s largest player in the wine industry, the absolute specialist: LINDE.
The latter told us in 2010 that Argon would be much better able to meet our “insulation” needs because it is heavier than air.

Today, our Wikeeps gas capsules – Argon / Co2 – are sold worldwide.

These are 21ml cartridges containing 6.5g of Gas and pressurized to 200 bar.
Their capacity allows to serve 4 to 5 bottles with the Wikeeps system. Note that these cartridges are compatible with all wine by the glass or tasting systems on the market that use this standard market format such as Wiserve, Preservino, Coravin.
The irreproachable quality of the natural gas put in our gas capsules and checked at each production by our partner Linde makes it a pledge of incomparable quality for your wines, to the delight of both professionals and lovers of wine by the glass.

Preserve your wine, longer.