Wikeeps capsules are compatible for Coravin system

WIKEEPS cartridges also allows you to spare on Argon Gas capsules  with other systems such as Coravin or Winaro

Coravin capsules are particular just because of the cap/ adaptor they have on their top on the threaded part. Else they comply with a regular 21ml industry standard or 3,5 inches. A lot of our professionnal clients using also the CORAVIN system informed us that Wikeeps capsule was compatible for Coravin as well.

Their content is Argon, a natural, neutral and inert gas. Wikeeps®, the french patent for Wine dispensing and conservation developped a solution using also argon , because it is heavier then air, to keep open bottle fresh for more then 15 days.

Wikeeps® has worked on a 80% Argon and 20% CO2 formula. The gas is manufactured by its partner Linde, worldwide leader for oenological gas. The CO2 added make it less astringent then a pure 100% Argon or a 100% Nitrogen and gives the wine a fresh touch in case of decarbonisation due to the gas effect.

Our cartridges are filled in at 20,5MPa with 6,5g of nominal gas weight.

Used to inert wine within the greatest chateaux, this gas mix from Wikeeps® vwill ensure the best conservation quality for your open bottles.

At this stage, unscrew the cap from Coravin capsule and  screw it onto one of the standard capsules. Pop this new capsule in your Coravin and you’re ready !

You will then get substantial sparing with cost below 60% on Wikeeps compared with Coravin.

Wikeeps cartridges are packed by 5 pack and will ship all over the world !

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